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Bo Bo Capsules

  • Brand: GreenSpring
  • Product Code: 2672
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About product:

The capsules increase the volume and firmness of the women’s breast. Normalize the processes of internal secretion.


The oils and extracts that make up the Bo Bo Capsules have anti-inflammatory, tonic, tonic, antioxidant, anti-sclerotic effects.

Safflower oil has a beneficial effect on the heart and liver, accelerates blood circulation, tones up blood vessels. Eliminates blood stagnation, stimulates blood formation and menstruation.

It helps to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

It improves complexion, makes the skin smooth and elastic, facilitates the entry into menopause and the course of menopause.

The ingredients help to reduce the intensity of painful sensations in the abdomen associated with inflammation, with menstrual irregularities, help reduce the intensity of the inflammatory process, improve sleep, and restore strength.

Bo Bo Capsules are used as a source of vitamin E, polyunsaturated fatty acids, isoflavonoids.

Information for TCM specialists:

They move blood, remove blood stasis, improve the permeability of the meridians. They cure superficial syndrome in case of damage by wind-cold, wind-heat. They expel heat, poison, give birth to fluids. They nourish yin, harmonize the liver against the background of the emptiness of the spleen, clarify the eyes, stop the wind, and calm the spirit.

Dosage and administration:

Adults take 2 capsules 3 times a day with meal. Duration of admission is up to 1 month. For prevention purposes - 1 capsule 1 time per day.

Form of production:

Capsules 450 mg. each.

Before using we recommend that you consult with a TCM specialist.

It is not a medicinal product.


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