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Yin Lu Silver deer Honey Pastilles with antlers

  • Brand: Li West
  • Product Code: 9401
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Category: Strengthening immunity

About product:

Yin Lu honey pastilles with antlers (translated from Chinese as “Silver Deer”) are a valuable natural source of healthy energy and strength. Antlers are a unique natural adaptogen, an ancient folk remedy for strengthening immunity.


Yin Lu Honey pastilles with antlers have an immunomodulatory effect. Taking into account other properties of the medicine, they are an effective means of strengthening immunity against the background of the spring weakening of the body, the spread of viral infections. Yin Lu pastilles are recommended for increased mental and physical exertion, growth retardation and frequent colds in children.

They have a tonic and firming effect.

Increase the body's resistance to stress.

Strengthens the immune system, bones and muscles.

Contribute to the elimination of sexual dysfunction.

Information for TCM specialists:

The character is warm. The taste is sweet, salty. Tropism to the liver and kidney meridians. They tone the yang of the kidneys, warm the yang, strengthen the bones and muscles, nourish the essence, tone up the qi and blood.

Recommendations for use:

1 to 3 pastilles per day.

Form of production:

10 pastilles per pack.

Weight: 56 g.

Manufacturer: Li West Enterprise Ltd., Russia, Novosibirsk, St. Ermaka, 3,

office 13, production address: Novosibirsk, St. Tyumenskaya, 2.