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Nao Xin Ping Oral liquid and Karvipar Herbal complex

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Promotion for our European Partners and buyers!

Buy until January 31, 2022 products with a 10% discount (retaining points): Nao Xin Ping Oral liquid and Karvipar Herbal complex.

Nao Xin Ping normalizes blood circulation and metabolic processes in the brain: improves memory, activates thought processes, improves concentration.

Karvipar helps to normalize the liver and gastrointestinal tract, protects the liver and intestines when exposed to various toxic products, as well as parasitic intoxication, helps to eliminate allergic manifestations.

The promotion is valid only until 01/31/2022

Fang feng wan help to reduce the body's sensitivity to various allergens and relieve the symptoms of specific reactions, has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antipyretic, analgesic, detoxifying, laxative effects, helps relieve itching, improve blood microcirculation.

The number of products for the promotion is limited!