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Dragon’s Gall Pills

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Category: Normalization of digestion

About product:

The natural ingredients of Dragon’s Gall Pills harmonize the metabolic processes in the liver.

It helps to soothe rheumatic pain sensations, has hemostatic, regulating metabolism, improves digestion, stimulates appetite. It has a diuretic, choleretic effect, helps to lower blood pressure, fever.

It has a tonic effect of the central nervous system, hypotensive, antitoxic, antispasmodic and wound healing effect.

Dragon’s Gall Pills are used as a source of glycyrrhizic acid and tannins.

Information for TCM specialists:

They expel heat, fire from the liver; cleanse the heat in the lower jiao, expel heat and dampness from the gallbladder; remove poison from the gastrointestinal tract, cool the blood, remove dampness through diuresis, cleanse the heat of the heart, nourish yin, jin substance, brain; nourish and move the blood.

Dosage and administration:

Adults take 1 pill a day with meal or 1/2 pill 2 times a day with meal, washed down with warm boiled water. Duration of admission is up to 15 days. It is recommended to consult with a TCM specialist before use.

Form of production:

10 pills 6 g each.


Yao Du Ltd. Hebei Medicinal Organization, China, Angguo, Dongfaniaozhong.