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Women's health


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Category: Strengthening immunityAbout product:Laoli Oral liquid contains natural ingredients that stimulate the hematopoietic function and restore the quality of blood. Effect:It has tonic, adaptogenic and immunostimulating properties, increases mental and physical performance.It tones up gently, has hepatoprotective properties.Laoli increases efficiency and reduces fatigue during physical and mental stress, contributes to the normalization of cardiac activity.the components of the "Laoli" e..

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Category: Strengthening immunityAbout product:The powder is made from natural river pearls and, in terms of composition, is a ready-made natural harmonious complex of calcium, amino acids and microelements.Pearl powder is one of the most famous Traditional Chinese Medicine cure since ancient times, used by TCM specialists for thousands of years against many ailments.Pearl powder replenishes calcium deficiency, strengthens bone tissue, activates thought processes, improves memory, concentra..

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