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Strengthening immunity

Category: Strengthening immunityAbout product:Laojun Oral liquid contains over a dozen natural ingredients. Due to their properties this oral liquid has an immunoregulating and restorative effect, increases the body's resistance to diseases, improves physical and mental performance. Slows down the aging process.Effect:It has a strengthening effect, increases physical activity and operability.It tones, strengthens the body, heals wounds and is an anti-inflammatory agent.Laojun Oral liquid is reco..


Category: Strengthening immunityAbout product:Laoli Oral liquid contains natural ingredients that stimulate the hematopoietic function and restore the quality of blood. Effect:It has tonic, adaptogenic and immunostimulating properties, increases mental and physical performance.It tones up gently, has hepatoprotective properties.Laoli increases efficiency and reduces fatigue during physical and mental stress, contributes to the normalization of cardiac activity.the components of the "Laoli" elixi..


Category: Strengthening immunityAbout product:The combination of royal jelly with real ginseng root is considered one of the most popular in traditional Chinese medicine These natural ingredients have a tonic and harmonizing effect, tone up the body.It possesses tonic, adaptogenic and immunostimulating properties, increases mental and physical performance.It normalizes low blood pressure, improves memory and mental function, increases concentration, the body's resistance to stress, unfavorable e..


Category: Strengthening immunityAbout product:The powder is made from natural river pearls and, in terms of composition, is a ready-made natural harmonious complex of calcium, amino acids and microelements.Pearl powder is one of the most famous Traditional Chinese Medicine cure since ancient times, used by TCM specialists for thousands of years against many ailments.Pearl powder replenishes calcium deficiency, strengthens bone tissue, activates thought processes, improves memory, concentration. ..



Category: Strengthening immunityAbout product:The phyto-ingredients that make up the Xiao Pi pills have tonic properties; these ingredients are used in the fight against chronic fatigue syndrome and for recovery after strain.It has a tonic, increasing physical performance, stimulating hematopoiesis, tonic, choleretic properties, helps to reduce the intensity of painful sensations, normalizes the function of the spleen.It possesses tonic, adaptogenic and immunostimulating properties, increases me..


Category: Strengthening immunityAbout product:Yin Lu honey pastilles with antlers (translated from Chinese as “Silver Deer”) are a valuable natural source of healthy energy and strength. Antlers are a unique natural adaptogen, an ancient folk remedy for strengthening immunity. Effect:Yin Lu Honey pastilles with antlers have an immunomodulatory effect. Taking into account other properties of the medicine, they are an effective means of strengthening immunity against the background of the spring w..


Category: Strengthening immunityAbout product:Laminaria japonica extract which is contained in the preparation, removes heavy metals, radionuclides, toxic substances from the body. Possesses antiviral and immunomodulatory activity.Effect:Improves blood composition and microcirculation, normalizes metabolism, thyroid function.Replenishes the iodine deficiency, which is necessary for the normal functioning of the thyroid gland and the productive activity of the brain.Restores the mucous membrane o..