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Laojun Oral liquid

  • Brand: GreenSpring
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Category: Strengthening immunity

About product:

Laojun Oral liquid contains over a dozen natural ingredients. Due to their properties this oral liquid has an immunoregulating and restorative effect, increases the body's resistance to diseases, improves physical and mental performance. Slows down the aging process.


It has a strengthening effect, increases physical activity and operability.

It tones, strengthens the body, heals wounds and is an anti-inflammatory agent.

Laojun Oral liquid is recommended as eleutheroside, an existing source of flavonoids.

Information for TCM specialists:

It harmonizes and replenishes the beginnings of yang and yin in the human body, replenishes qi and nourishes the blood, strengthens the kidneys and jing, soothes the heart and spirit (shen). Used when yin and yang are empty.

Dosage and administration:

To adults: 10 ml 1-2 times a day, in the morning after meal.

Duration of admission is 2 weeks.

Form of production: 12 vials of 10 ml liquid.

The taste, color and smell of Laojun oral liquid may vary from batch to batch.

Before using it’s recommend that you consult with a TCM specialist.

It is not a medicinal product.


Greenspring Biotechnological Corporation of Heilongjiang, China, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, Shuangcheng New Developing District, St. Xinxidong, 8.

Laojun is legendary elixir of life