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Qian Lie Shu Tong Pills (morning / evening)

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Category: Men's health

About product:

Plants in the composition of Qian Lie Shu Tong Pills have a beneficial effect on the genitourinary system, improving its functions: they have anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, tonic, anti-allergic, hemostatic effect.


It enhances the function of the spleen.

It expels dampness through urine, removes heat, normalizes blood lipids.

It tones, nourishes the liver and kidneys.

It strengthens the urinary and reproductive system, normalizes urination, regulates the level of sex hormones, prevents premature ejaculation.

The components of the pill’s recipe increase the immunity and adaptive properties of the body, improve metabolism, help lower blood sugar levels, normalize serum cholesterol levels, and prevent the development of atherosclerosis. The ingredients contribute to the normalization of cardiac activity, reduce the acidity of gastric juice, reduce the formation of free radicals, prevent early aging, soothe, normalize sleep.

Qian Lie Shu Tong Pills are used as a source of tannins, glycyrrhizic acid containing mannitol.

Information for TCM specialists:

Strengthen the kidneys, spleen, replenish yuan qi, give yin, eliminate congestion, restore the patency of the meridians. Nourish lungs, liver and kidneys, stop thirst and cough. Calms the spirit.

Dosage and administration:

Adults take 5 g (1/2 cap) 2 times a day with meal (during breakfast  from a bottle MORNING, during dinner from a bottle EVENING).

Duration of admission - up to 3-4 weeks.

Form of production:

2 vials (MORNING and EVENING) 60 g each, pills weighing 90 mg.

Before using it’s recommend that you consult with a TCM specialist.

It is not a medicinal product.


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